PO – Week 12

Week 12 post-op.

Dinners in the last week:
Monday – fish pie
Tuesday – shepherds pie
Wednesday – left overs
Thursday – out for dinner
Friday – protein rice pudding
Saturday – stir fry
Sunday – satay sauce w konjac rice


Rain: 21mm

Monday – blogged. Rainy day.

Tuesday – Anzac Day, did laundry, gardened, watched some tele.
Lunch was 4 small rice crackers with cheese and tomato.

Wednesday – dropped my car to the mechanic.
Pruned some trees.
When I ate some pork crackle, a dried piece got caught in my throat and I couldn’t wash it out with a drink, and ended up vomiting it up, which unlike other times ended up taking a few goes as it was well stuck ????.
Good reminder to self to chew thoroughly!
Had a cooked slice of haloumi for lunch with ‘everything’ seasoning.
It’s a small easy lunch, with a good protein hit.

Thursday – into town to collect the grocery order, then home for a full day of housework.
Lunch was some protein vanilla rice pudding, and we went out for dinner and I had a bit of fish and 3 chips.

Friday – early run to replace the mop head as we bought the wrong one last night.
Another full day of laundry, housework and podcasts.
Lunch was again some protein vanilla rice pudding, same as yesterday.

My Surgeon and Dietician messaged to confirm my appointments with them on Tuesday next week.

Saturday – a bit of a different post today.
How I’m getting my protein each day at the moment:
250ml of soup w protein powder added – 8g
3 x 200mls of shake per day – 50g
2 x slice of cheese – 8-10g
Pork crackle – 6g
½ Chobani – 6g
½ protein bar – 10g
plus whatever is for dinner

Lunch today was a small bit of fish and 4 chips.
Picked all the batter off the fish and fed it to the cats and dogs.
Felt icky for a while after, so I had a little couch-nap until I felt better.

Ate a kiwifruit to help with my bowels.
I haven’t been eating any the last week or so, and it’s painfully obvious (literally) when it comes to the bathroom.
I think I’d got to the point where just looking at them made me feel queasy, but I need to just get on with it and get back into having one daily, and stop overthinking it or complaining about it.

Sunday – a morning in the garden.
Lunch was rice crackers with 2 cheese slices.
A quiet afternoon watching our favourite YouTube channels.

Day 2 of being back in having a kiwifruit a day, and sure enough I’m back to being “regular”.
It’s just that easy, if only I continue to stay on track!

Weight-loss to date: 19.5kg (sooooo close to 20! ????)

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