Countdown – 6

Day 6 pre-op
Day 22 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Prawn Stirfry


Rain: 45

A bit of a blah day today.
It always is after we’ve been down to the city…

I got the laundry done this morning and then just before lunch, my friend L came and picked me up as we were having lunch in town, because we haven’t been out for a meal together for awhile.

It was nice – I skipped breakfast beforehand, and just ordered some chicken as a side and it was nicely grilled and pleasant tasting so that was good.

We then went to the jewellers as I wanted to buy my Wife a little something special to be able to give her when I’m in hospital as a little thank you.
Hopefully she gets well surprised.

Tonight our Daughter In Law and Grandbaby are coming over for dinner.
They’re up from Adelaide for a couple of weeks so it will be good to be able to spend some time with them.

My doctors rooms called today to confirm my surgery for Monday so that’s made it just that little bit more real!

I’ve somehow ‘lost’ a week, as when I was doing my planning for the time between now and my op, I suddenly realized that I can’t do the few things I had planned to get done next week closer to the day, because next week IS the bloody day!!!


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