Countdown – 7

Day 7 pre-op
Day 21 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Salmon Stirfry


Rain: 13

Preadmission and Dietician day!

The preadmission was ok…
Took about a half hour to re-answer all the questions I had already answered on the admission form, get my obs done, and have the ecg.
Honestly, it’s nothing that I couldn’t have done at any of the clinics – or hospital – at home, which is frustrating and left me feeling like we’re wasting an entire day.

We had lunch at the central shopping centre, and I had some thai green chicken curry.
It was nice, and filled me up really quickly.
I also bought myself a new cup that I have had my eye on online, so pretty stoked with that.

We finally managed to find me
some nighties after going through multiple shops and we even got some fishing shirts for my Wife too, so she’s a happy girl as well.

Dietician appt went well.
We both really enjoy time spent with L, she’s chirpy, encouraging and a no bullshit kind of person.

All in all it was a long day – leaving home before 8 and not getting back until after 5.
The dogs were sure happy to have us home and to be let out that’s for sure!

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