Countdown – 2

Day 3 pre-op
Day 25 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Leftovers from last nights Chilli Beef & Konjac Noodles.


Rain: 42

Some huge storms with lots of thunder, lightening, wind and rain came through last night.
We ended up just sitting and reading for about an hour, because the sound on the roof was too loud to be able to do much else.

Yesterday I got a text message from the hospital confirming my surgery, which was later followed up by an email invoice saying that I had $0 owing (so far!) which was good to see.

Its all happening and everyone seems to agree on it – so that’s a good thing!

My Wife is having to work for most of the day today.
She has a lot of appointments that she needs to try and wrap up so that she doesn’t have to put too much of a load onto anyone else while she is away, looking after me.

We are planning to have breakfast out with our Daughter-in-law and Grandson tomorrow morning.

I’ve been getting as many chores as I can sorted this morning so that future me won’t be as overwhelmed with things that I think need doing when I get back home from Hospital.

This morning I have:
– got all the laundry washed, folded and put away.
– made sure that there are enough meals in the freezer for my Wife once we’re back home again.
– cleaned the bathroom.
– emptied all the composting buckets, and washed them out.
– tossed out manky fridge leftovers to the chickens.

Things that are stressing me out today:
– I’m constipated, and I’d really like to not be going to hospital with a full bowel, as I already find it really difficult to go #2 when I am anywhere other than at home.
– there is a lot of stuff around the yard and paddocks that I would have liked to have been able to take to the dump, but I haven’t had a car to be able to do so.
– my car is still at the mechanics
– I can’t find my reading glasses and they could be any number of place, including in the carpark near the St Vinnies donation bin!

Note to self:
Semi-silver lining – Its a good thing I didn’t order my new glasses yet, because now I need two new pairs, and I can get them both at the same time!

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