Countdown – 3

Day 3 pre-op
Day 25 pre-op VLCD.
W: 95.75

Dinner last night: Chilli Beef & Konjac Rice


Rain: 0

I am now down 6.15kg (13.53lb) from my heaviest [recorded] weight.

Our DIL and Grandson came or dinner last night but it quickly went sideways when our poor lil Grandson was truely overwhelmed by our animals.

At only 5 months old, 3 dogs were a lot to contend with, and they were all so excited to see our DIL that they were rather raucous and scared him, and he just didn’t really recover from the initial fright; so midway through dinner we packed up our DILs dinner, and popped them both back into her car so she could take him back to her Parents place and settle him down.

He’d been so brave for almost two hours but was about at his limit, so my Wife and I felt it was the best thing for them both.
A bit sad but very understandable.

With only a couple of days left to get the Farm chores sorted for who-knows-how-long, I had hoped to get some mowing done today, but when I went out and grabbed the fuel can, found that it was empty.

Being the wonderful Wife that she is, my Love dropped some fuel in on the way back from one of the near-by towns she’d been visiting.

I ended up managing to get the house-yard and the whole paddock done, except for one small strip along the eastern fence that’s still too boggy to get to.

There’s also a lot that needs to be whipper-snipped, and I need to take the push mower down to do around the big vegie garden, but hopefully I can get into that tomorrow if I’m not too sore from todays efforts.

But for now, I need a sit-down and a rest… I’m exhausted!

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