Countdown – 12

Day 12 pre-op
Day 16 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Salmon StirFry


Rain: 2.5

I had a lovely time yesterday afternoon when my friend L came to visit.
It’s been a couple of weeks since I last saw her so we had lots to catch up on.
I had my lunch shake while she had her coffee.

My Wife bought home a parcel for me of stuff that I’d ordered from Kmart which had some beautiful small pottery bowls in which will be the perfect size for post-op meals.

I actually ended up going online and ordering another four they’re so lovely; and that way I’ll have a set for the bus as well!

I’ve begun making small pots of dessert in small mason jars every couple of days so that we’ve got a good stash of sweet-tasting snacks in the fridge for after dinner, if we want them.
Mostly jelly with yoghurt, or jelly on its own, or jelly with low-cal mousse.

My favourite savoury snacks are:
Cuppa soup
Sunrice minibites – cheese
Pork Crackle

Apparently the belt for my car has turned up and was installed yesterday but it was then found that my battery was flat.
Not sure why that is, but they said that they were charging it overnight last night, so I’m waiting to hear whether I can pick up my car today or not.
Somehow I doubt it … something else will be wrong I’m sure… ?

Oh – I have a bari-buddy!
I gave my Dietician permission to give my email to a guy who is also having surgery the same day that I am, and he finally emailed me yesterday.

It’s pretty exciting to have somebody else to talk to who is in exactly the same place in his journey as I am, at exactly the same time, getting basically the same thing done, though he is having a bypass, and I’m now having a sleeve.

It’s good to have someone to bounce off who even has the same doctor, the same dietician the same hospital and the same surgery date as me. ?

I’m looking forward to being able to meet him in person when the time comes.

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