Countdown – 13

Day 13 pre-op
Day 15 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Warm Prawn Salad.


Rain: 0

Dinner was a bit ‘meh’ to be honest.
The prawns were a bit tough – I think they might have had a bit of freezer-burn.

The mizzle came back in overnight.

This morning when I was cleaning up I found an old box of shoes that I had put away as they were real favourites in days gone by, but became too tight over time, however they were too good to send to vinnies so I kept them ‘in case’.
Can’t wait to try them on again in a couple of months!
The runners fit already ☺️☺️

I got the most spectacular gift today…
Backstory: I had been on the support forums a couple of weeks ago when somebody was giving away some BN multivitamins and calcium chews and I asked if I could please have them, and told her I’d also be happy to pay postage to have them sent up to me.
Some time passed and whilst I had initially given her my address to send them to, I didn’t hear anything more back when I repeatedly asked her for details for me to be able to make payment.

Almost a week later, she ended up saying that I didn’t need to pay anything at all, which I was so incredibly gobsmacked and grateful for; but figured that that was going to be the last I heard from her as someone has probably made a better offer or was closer and could pick them up.

Today those multivitamins and calcium chews arrived!
There are four bottles of BN multivitamins and five bottles of BN calcium+D chews.

I cannot believe how fortunate I am, this will do me for months and months and months!
What a gift, what a generous person, what a blessing…

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