Countdown – 11

Day 11 pre-op
Day 17 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Leftover StirFry & Butter Chicken


Rain: 0

‘Australia Day’.
My Wife mostly has the day off today – only one appointment late afternoon!!

My bari-buddy had his pre-admission appt at the hospital yesterday.
Sounds like everything went well.

My Wife and I spent the better part of the morning pulling apart our outdoor bathroom and removing the bath, ready to install a shower tray in there, as the climbing in and out is getting a little difficult for each of us; but being that I am so much shorter, definitely more-so for me – and we’re hoping to get it finished before I come back home from the hospital.

This Monday coming (30th) we will be going down to the city as I have my Hospital pre-admission appointment in the morning and my pre-op Dietician appointment in the afternoon.

My mower still isn’t back from the shop, so I finally hopped onto our new ride-on mower yesterday, and got not only the entire paddock mown, but also the house-yard.
It’s definitely a ferrari compared to either of the other old ones!

In other news – my car is also still not back from the also still don’t have my car back.
Surprise surprise…

I’ve been thinking that I’d really like to get my Wife something a lil special to give her when I’m in hospital – just as a little thank-you for all her support on this adventure.
I just have to work out how to get into town and to the jewellers without her knowing about it!!

Its very comforting to now that she ‘has my back’ come what may…

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