Post Op – D8

Day 8 post-op.

Dinner last night: custard & diet jelly


Rain: 0

Made a coffee this morning for the first time in a few days – with fibre and protein added – so that I could sit down with my Love first thing.

I was less than two mouthfuls in and I realised it was now a hard no for coffee – for the time being.

It felt like it was stuck in my throat.
I couldn’t burp around it.
My stomach started hurting what felt like almost immediately.
Coffee is not my friend right now…

Our Daughter-in-Law came around mid-morning and spent a couple of hours chatting with me and catching up, which was really nice and special.
I do love spending time with her.

I’ve also got some laundry done today, but for the most part not a lot else has been done.
It’s been a bit of a quiet day…

I’ve struggled to get much food or fluids down today.
The restriction – whether it’s my mind, my throat, or my stomach – I’m not really sure, seems to be feeling quite high today.

It’s Valentine’s Day and last night, my beautiful Wife said she was going to put my custard and diet jelly into a special bowl for our romantic dinner tonight, while she has her favourite fish tacos.

I had to laugh – I don’t even feel like the fish tacos – which I usually love !!!
I guess that’s a good thing though…

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