Countdown – 46

I’m going to try and make it a habit of daily blogging, but I don’t know how that will go over the Christmas / New Year break as my Wife will be mostly home for a couple of days during that period and it’s not often that we get to spend extended time together, so it’s pretty important to us to keep that time as clear as we can.

Dinner last night:
Crumbed steak and we tested ‘mashies’ as a possible option for the post-op soft food stage.
They were ok-ish.
Ok enough to be a consideration if needed, but not wildly healthy being that they’re basically a ball of carbohydrate!

My doggo and I ended up getting a nice half-pot of tomatoes out of the garden yesterday, and very much enjoyed a wander around the paddock in the fresh air during a break in the weather that’s been on and off rainy; and quite cool for this time of the year.

This morning while I was having my first coffee of the day I purchased my BN Multivitamins that the surgeon had recommend for me.
I’ve bought three bottles so let’s hope that they don’t make me feel too sick like I’ve heard they’ve done to some other people, otherwise I’ll be feeding them to the Wife instead of taking them myself!
Just kidding – I know that my body is going to need them post-op even more than it does now and I’m already taking other multivitamins so I’ll just switch over to the new ones once my old tub runs out.

I went into town nice and early this morning, and was at the supermarket by 8:15, however – so was everyone else.
We live in a rural area and are still finding that the supermarket is missing a lot of our regular foods and goods.
Delays from floods, and Covid related delays as well are contributing, plus the seasonal influx means that there are a lot of extra people around the area camping and whatnot for the holidays – so there also more impact on the supermarkets; however I managed to get most of the things I needed which was just a few bits of dog food and some top-up stuff.

These days I mostly tend to shop by click-and-collect for our regular groceries, other than fruit, vegetables and meat.
I started doing it a few months ago just to see what it was like, and it’s been such a godsend that I really don’t want to go back to how I was doing it previously.
It also stops me impulse buying, which is always a good thing!!

Once home, I put away all the groceries and then cooked up some food for our furry animals.
We have three dogs and two cats and 5 chooks.
As well as whole chickens chopped up and cooked, I also make chopped up kangaroo meat and vegetables with a little bit of pasta or rice added.
They love it, it fills them up well and it keeps them all happy and most importantly, healthy.

My Wife is planning to come home for lunch today so we’re thinking that we might crack open the Christmas Ham and have ourselves some sandwiches!

It’s a bit of an event in our house – cracking open the ham – as we only get it at Easter and Christmas.
Usually we wait until after Easter until the prices go down before we buy our Easter one, but we always buy one especially early for Christmas.

We both love ham sandwiches, but we will slice up a lot of it and freeze it for throughout the year, and the bone will be of course made into pea and ham soup which will be canned so that it’s shelf-stable also for us to enjoy as a quick and easy meal throughout the year.
Fingers crossed my tummy thinks it’s an acceptable meal once I’m fully healed!

Later this afternoons we are planning to go into the post office to see what sort of Gift Cards they have, for those hard to buy colleagues whom we still haven’t managed to find something for.

It’s a cool and overcast day today so the likelihood of us settling in and enjoying a bit of TV during the late afternoon is highly likely, as it’s too wet to be able to mow and tending the gardens isn’t exactly enjoyable in this weather…

We are planning on having a curry for dinner tonight – so that should be a yummy closing out to the day, and we’ll either have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow or freeze them for another day.

Win win either way!

My loyal Puppa with our fresh tomatoes.

Beautiful salad veg

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