Countdown – 47

Today it’s 47 days until my bariatric surgery happens.

I spent most of yesterday arranging all the various appointments I need to get booked and attended to before surgery day actually rolls around – and whilst its just under 7 weeks away – right this minute it feels like its going to happen in the blink of an eye…!

It’s really odd – the time between making the definite decision to go ahead with seeing the Surgeon, until the time that I could finally actually get to meet with him, felt like eons away.
The reality is that it was slightly less time than I have between now and surgery!

Today has been fairly uneventful – thank goodness!
I needed ‘uneventful’ after the chaos and emotions of yesterday and the day before…

Things I did manage today:

  • I did the write-up of all that happened yesterday – which was a rather mammoth word-vomit that took quite some time.
  • I let my Sister know that I had a date booked for surgery.
    (I let 2 of our Children know yesterday.)
  • A friend dropped off a new Rooster for us, as while we were away on holidays recently our old-timer Rooster Charlie died, as did one of our young hens.
    The ladies have missed having a man about the house. lol
  • Got some housework done.
  • Rescheduled my January 5th dental checkup to mid March.
    There’s just too much going on in the next few months to have appointments in the mix that I can easily put off until later.

Not so smart thing I did today:

  • I made a not brilliant food choice while I was in the depths of writing – I ate a couple of mini Turkish Delights that came in a huge box we were gifted for Christmas.
    I was coming back from a loo-break, spotted the box and was into it and popping a choccie into my mouth followed quickly by another, before I’d even made it back to my desk.

Unconscious eating – not good.

That entire box of crap will be sent to my Wife’s work for them to enjoy.

How is it that people think that gifting a box of 110 mini chocolate bars to someone who is morbidly obese is a good idea?
What kind of sick shit even IS that?

I don’t have the mental capacity today to try and look into the psychology of that.

In all honestly I know they were just trying to be kind and get us something that we’d like as a gift – but jeeeez…

Its now time to take my lovely doggo friend for a walk out into the paddock to get some fresh air, clear my mind some, see how the vegie garden is going, and to pick some tomatoes.

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