Countdown – 39

Day 39 pre-op
11 days pre vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Prawns.

Spent the morning at home doing some graphic design work on the laptop,Wwhile my wife went out for an appointment.

We planned to take Noah (our bus) for a drive to Skybury cafe for lunch with the Boys, however when we started it up – the engine light was on – so it looks like it will require yet another trip down the hill on the back of a damn tow-truck!! ???

So we took the small car instead.

I ended up having the chicken korma which is always nice, however the flies today were hideous!
I have never seen an issue there with flies before – but today they were on a whole other level!

Anyways, on the way home we dropped into the Post Office as I’d had a notification that there were a couple of parcels waiting to be collected.
Once home we unpacked the parcels to find a pile of Kicstart products from a woman online in one of the Forums who was giving them away if I paid for postage – which I was happy to do.

My BN Multivitamins also arrived, as did the sample packs from Formulite.

Quite the haul all up!
Bit exciting…

I tested a half of the Formulite Lemon Coconut Bar for afternoon tea today, and it was definitely a winner!
Would recommend and will probably buy more.

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