Countdown – 40

Day 40 pre-op
12 days pre vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Fish Tacos w Salad.

I went into town this morning hoping to get my Wife an Anniversary present for the 31st but unfortunately the shop that I wanted to get something at didn’t have what I wanted, so I’ll have to look for a Plan B and I’m not sure what that is the moment!

Another overcast, rainy day.
Dishes done.
My wife went into work for a bit this morning, and had another appointment this afternoon.

We’ll be having dinner tonight with a young friend of ours whom we are surrogate mothers to.
We’ll go to the usual pub for dinner and probably have some form of pasta or else fish or chicken.
It’s standard pub fare, but usually at least a decent meal and we get to catch up with each other.

If the weather holds out and it’s not raining when my Wife gets back from her afternoon appointment, we are going to reorganise the bus a bit because stuff has just been thrown everywhere in there – so it needs a huge clean out, tidy up and rearranging.

Tomorrow we are planning on lunch with some other friends out at one of the coffee plantations which is a beautiful spot high up on a hill so that when standing on the veranda, you look over the valley spread out beyond and can see all the way to the McCalister ranges.

We’ll probably take the bus for a drive to lunch tomorrow – which will be nice as we haven’t been able to go anywhere in it together in almost 3 months.

It should be fun!

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