Countdown – 35

Day 35 pre-op
7 days pre vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Dominos Pizza delivery to our motel room.


We headed off down the hill after lunch, and dropped the three dogs off at the kennels.
Our sons flight was due in at 11:45pm so we decided that we would have dinner delivered to our room and try to nap some before we went to collect him, as our usual bed-time is around 9:30pm.

Pizza arrived around 6:45pm and it was actually really delicious.

We cleaned up and watched a bit of tele, then snuggled down.

My Darling slept on and off, but I just couldn’t manage to drop off, so was back up before the alarm went off.

Just after 11pm we arrived at the airport and the only part that was still open was the baggage collection area, so we sat in there and scrolled while we waited.

The plane was a little late disembarking so we didn’t get back out to the car until around 12:15am.

We all piled into bed once back at the motel, but we each took quite a bit of time to settle down and sleep as we were all still pretty wired from the excitement of it all.

This morning we went down and had breakfast together of bacon, eggs and toast.
A nice way to start the day.

We then did a few strolls through anaconda and bcf – as ya do – and finally made our way up the hill to home.

While we’d been away from home, there had been a huge rain storm late yesterday, and we’d had 138mm.

The ground is so sodden that it can no longer take any more water – so there are pools everywhere and the ground is just a quagmire.

Thankfully the house didn’t sustain any damage.

We’re now all safely home and have had enough of a break in the rain to get the bus all set up for our special guest.

I also received an email from the Surgeons office late this afternoon saying that my date was confirmed and my admission time is 12:30!

Just a gentle reminder that it’s definitely getting closer… ?

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