Countdown – 34

Day 34 pre-op
6 days pre vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Chicken enchiladas with a tomato, onion, trilogy cheese and balsamic drizzle salad.


The Anaesthetists Office emailed me this morning, just to let me know that the quote was in the pipeline and it was anticipated that it would be sent on to me soon.

Another 19mm of rain overnight so we’ve woken up to yet more water surrounding the house and all through the paddocks.

It is so squishy that the only way to walk around now is in Wellington boots.

We got a break in the drizzle for about an hour this morning, so managed to get down to the veggie garden and get some weeding done.

It’s in such a mess after me having been away from it for around six weeks.
Between sickness, rain, being away on holiday and more rain; we just haven’t had the opportunity to get down there and clean up, and it’s very visible how neglected it’s been.

Our son helped me in the garden this morning and we got quite a bit done in the short time before the next skud of rain came through.

The scud turned into a downpour quite quickly, and in a very short time we ended up getting over 25mm of rain.

Around mid-morning our son went into town for a drive to look around the place.
It’s been 3½ years since he was last up here, so a lot has changed and it will be nice for him to be able to drive around on his own and go where he wants to and to check out whatever he wants to check out.

Today is grocery ordering day.
It was a bigger than usual shop due to getting extra and different foods for our sons preferences.

So after lunch we headed back into town to collect the mail and groceries.

While we were in town I got a text from My Wife asking me to meet her at the mower shop so that I could test the proposed mower that she was looking at, to see if I could reach the pedals on it.

So off we headed to the mower shop.
I tested the new mower and the seat slides really well, and I can reach all the pedals and levers and such – so we’re buying a new mower!!

Now all we need is for it to dry out enough to bloody mow…

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