Countdown – 25

Day 25 pre-op
Day 3 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night:
Warm Chicken Salad, and a jelly and lemon mousse dessert.

Rain in the last 24hrs?

Don’t get toooo excited, the place is still a veritable quagmire and according to the weather app over the next 10 days there is an 80-90% chance of rain each and every day.
I’m cheering for that 10-20% I tell ya!!

Last night I was reading about how easy it is to add protein powder to diet jelly, so that’s something that I’ll be trying today.
It’s nice to have something sweet at the end of the day, and whilst it used to be liquorice allsorts for me, things obviously need to change.

I had 3 Cruskits with Vegemite for lunch with my shake today.
Felt the need for something crunchy.
My lunch shake was a mix of choc-hazelnut and creamy vanilla.
I think I prefer the mix rather than either on their own.

I’ll have to look into finding some crackers that don’t dissolve so easily as soon as they hit the tongue.
They’re really good as a vehicle for moving toppings like ham/cheese/tomato to ones mouth but when you’re only having them with Vegemite and it’s pre-op, they’re not wildly satisfying.

Suggestions welcome for a low cal, low carb cracker.
I’ve tried vita-weat and ryvita, and I can’t actually bite them they’re so hard – so that’s a no go!!

I was going to go into town with my Wife after she finished work but the rain came in again about 2pm, so even though I had called the pharmacy and ordered my medications, I felt like I couldn’t be bothered going in today now and shaved my legs instead.

My car is still with the mechanic – as is my mower – and I’ve had no word on when either will be ready to use again, so I’m getting a bit annoyed at not being able to do my usual away-from-home chores like the pharmacy run, dump run, recycles run, groceries etc etc.

Today I did more general cleaning and sorting inside our home while I listened to podcasts and later had YouTube favourites on in the background.
A pretty nice relaxing way to pass the day whilst still being productive – makes me happy!

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