Countdown – 22

Day 22 pre-op
Day 6 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night:
Turkey Mince Chilli with konjac rice.


Rain: 29.5

So – I was in bed last night – winding down and about to take the dogs out for their last pee before we all went to bed – when I picked up my phone and did the final check in on it for the day and there it was.

Sent to me at 9:10pm on a Saturday night was an email from my Surgeon, apologising for the delayed reply to some questions I had sent to him late Thursday!! ?

This guy never fails to impress me…

He’s advised that following his review of my ct scan and barium swallow that: “technically a sleeve gastrectomy is very suitable based on these investigations and would provide you a very comparable weight loss profile with a reasonably lower short and long-term risk compared to a gastric bypass.

So there we have it – sleeve it is!!

Also yesterday evening, we paid the first of the medical quotes.
One lot down, two to go.

Still haven’t heard back from the darn Anaesthetist though…
I realize they they’re probably waiting for a definitive decision from Dr E regarding which surgery and whether or not the hernia repair is going ahead, but surely they could have sent a worse-case scenario quote by now!?!
Sheesh… ?

Today I have canned the food that I took out of the freezer yesterday.
I’ve done around 9 jars of pasta sauce – which we also use in chillies, casseroles etc, and three large jars of ham stock.

I’ve also been doing laundry loads in between, and went out mid afternoon to find that there was no power to the washer and dryer.
It seems our old power reel finally died, so my Wife and I got the big cord out of the bus and have set that up for now, so we’re back in action!

In other news, I have noticed that for the most part my appetite has settled down well, to the point actually that I am needing to add protein to extra drinks just to get my suggested portion requirement in.

This afternoon I remembered that I still had a bag of pork crackle on hand, so I decided to have that for afternoon tea as I’d skipped lunch, and it was a good hit of 18g of protein, but admittedly I feel a bit erky for a while afterward, which I think was probably the fat content; however I did have a glass of diet lime cordial with protein powder in it to wash it down, and the protein powder did not dissolve well in the cordial, so it could have been that too…

Also – there has been no lessening in the quagmire, and we are now in fact under flooding warnings across the entire region.
~ sigggghhhh ~

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