Countdown – 23

Day 23 pre-op
Day 5 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night:
Salmon StirFry, and a lite choc mousse.


Rain: 42.5

Dinner the other night was so bloody delicious that we decided to do a repeat, but with salmon.
A few more calories than the chicken, but still a delicious alternative.

This morning, I was prepping dinner for tonight – which is going to be some turkey mince chilli with kidney beans on konjac rice – and while I was going through each ingredient and looking up how many calories each of them has in it, it occurred to me that especially for the first three months of this year, I need to make it a very “selfish” time.

Not selfish in a bad way, but selfish in the way that I must look after me and be very cognisant of my needs, in order for this operation – and ultimately for me – to be a success.

During this time I am making a multi-thousand dollar decision to try and better my health and as an offshoot, better my entire life – I can’t not be selfish about it!

I have to watch, and check, and measure, and be honest about every.single.thing that goes into my mouth.

I need to make very conscious decisions not just daily – but hourly, and even by the minute – to do the next right thing that my body needs of me.

I need to relearn what it actually physically feels like within my body, to be amply satisfied and full.

I need to learn the difference between ‘head’ hunger and real hunger.
I need to constantly remind myself that: before all else, hydration is key!

I gave the freezer a bit of a clean out this afternoon, which means that over the next couple of days I will do some canning of ham stock and spaghetti sauce and maybe some beets as well.
It was getting a tad overstocked in there with food that is waiting for me to process it.

I don’t know what my recovery will be like, so I figure I better get myself organised and get the canning done now, in case I’m a bit ‘fragile’ for a period of time post op…

We also did a bit of meal planning for next week so that we can get our grocery list sorted.

My mouth and mind are somewhat missing ‘crunch’ so maybe I need to add some raw celery and carrots to my foods list next week.
Perhaps I can pretend they’re corn chips….!

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