Countdown – 32

Day 32 pre-op
4 days pre vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Garlic prawns on rice.


20mm of rain overnight – I’m about ready to cry.
We seriously need a damn break…Actually – scrap that.
Today, I have cried when each fresh downpour begins.

We didn’t even have the tease of sun breaking through this morning, however we did have some patches without showers, so I forced myself to go down the big vegie garden and got some more cleaning up and pruning done.

I went into town early this morning to have my pre-op blood tests done. It took two tries to get blood out of me and it ended up that they needed 6 vials for all the testing that has to be done.
Seemed like rather a lot.

Feel a bit like I am slowly losing my mind, and even though there is nothing I can do about the weather I feel intense guilt that our Son is spending his holiday times up here, mostly locked indoors because of downpour after downpour.

It’s also creeping ever closer to when he will have to go home – also on the 9th.
There’s a lot happening that day!

All in all, I’m feeling more than a tad miserable today…

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