Countdown – 33

Day 33 pre-op
5 days pre vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Panko crumbed chicken with home-made air fried chip, and a mixed salad.


68mm of rain overnight – at this point – do I even need to try and explain what a shit-show our Farm truely is??

Big high rubber boots – only boots – that’s alllll I’ll say…

We again got a break in the weather for most of the morning, so put up the gazebo so that our son could work on having a look at our old mower and see if he could fix it well enough to at least get some of the mowing started.
He’s been tinkering for hours, and it sounded like he was winning a few times there, but nope.
It’s not a happy mower…

I managed to get some more weeding done in the vegie garden and got some of the big bunches of comfrey dug up and put out under a couple of the fruit trees.
It’s such a great living mulch, and the bees love the flowers.

My friend Lou came over for coffee this morning.
It’s always good to have a catch up with her, and I haven’t seen her since before Christmas so we had plenty to chat about.

This afternoon I had an appointment with my GP to get a care-plan for the Dietician.
There wasn’t any drama with getting it thankfully.
My GP is a good guy – he even bulk billed me which is very unusual, and appreciated.

While I was in town, our new mower was delivered!!
How exciting!

Tonight we’re taking our son out for dinner with our friend Nellie so that will be a nice way to spend the evening…

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