Countdown – 29

Day 29 pre-op
1 day pre-vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Kashmiri Curries w Rice.
Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, Lakshmi Prawns.


23mm of rain.
Another overcast day, with a scud of rain midmorning, and a belting storm mid-afternoon.

My Wife and I managed to get a jasmine climber that had run amok into a neighbours tree and paddock wrestled back into our property and threaded through the fence it was supposed to be using as a trellis.

We also got some lillipillis that were creeping through from their side pruned back, as well as our mulberry pruned into a more manageable shape, and now we’ll be able to get the mower underneath it if it ever stop raining for long enough for the ground to dry up so we can mow!!

There was also an old bleeding heart tree that had died near our house that the dead trunk and boughs from it had been tangled up amongst some other healthy trees, so we were able to drag that out this morning too, ready be be taken down to the back fence-line where it will be laid under some trees down there to rot down as compost.

Our Son wanted to go to one of the local cafes for lunch, and as it’s his final day here, we figured that was a great way to spend an hour or so.

We only made it about ⅓ of the way there when the car lost power and we had to pull off the side of the road.
Thankfully we were right next to a rest area and managed to freewheel it into there.

It turns out that one of the belts was locked solid.
We had been told by the mechanic it was ok to drive the car as it was.
Obviously not!!

We called our neighbour to see if he could come and rescue us – thank goodness he was able!
So we locked my dead car and left it at the rest area and went back home and got the other car and continued on to lunch.

Both of us were secretly wondering what the hell to do next, as we needed my car to go to the airport and the X-ray place in the city tomorrow.

A few under the table texts during lunch and another blessing came our way – my Wife’s boss came to the rescue with the loan of her sisters car to us for the day.
Feeling very relieved.

Also – truely grateful that it happened today and not in the early hours of tomorrow morning on the way to the airport.

Still – it’s hard not to feel like ‘life’ is ganging up on us a bit at the moment… 😓

It’s a feeling that has to be shaken.

Reminding myself to look at the good in each situation that making me anxious or disheartened.

Because there is good.
If you just look for it – there is always good to be found…!

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