Countdown – 27

Day 27 pre-op
Day 1 pre-op VLCD.
W: 101.

Dinner last night:
Bacon & Egg Sandwiches.


32mm of joy-sapping rain…

First of all I need to tell you about our Farm and how it’s being affected by the rain.

So much of our paddocks and our house yard are under water.
Not a lot of water – but still under a good inch at the very minimum.
We can’t walk anywhere without walking through mud and water – it’s an absolute quagmire.
We can’t do any mowing because it’s just too soggy and too much mud and slop to be able to either use a ride-on or a push mower over any of the grass, and our animals are starting to get sores on their feet because they have been wet for so long.

Its been 24 loooong days since we have had any significant sunshine, so its also very much effecting the mood of all on the Farm – people and animals.

In that time we have had 547mm and it’s still raining as I type this.

As an added detractor, our animals are both inside and outside animals, so they are bringing all the mud and all the smells into the house with them.
Okay – we do live in a shed – but that doesn’t mean we like to live in a muddy cesspit and that’s exactly what our house is right now…

On top of that, we also have newspaper spread all over the floor in the main walking area because our eldest dog has been sick and has had bloody diarrhoea; and when you have to clean that off the floor at 2 o’clock in the morning you quickly learn that just being able to wrap up some newspaper with the offending ablutions on it is much more preferable than having to wipe it and mop it off the floor. ?

So today, I have spent the day inside our home, sweeping and vacuuming and mopping and doing all things cleaning while listening to podcasts.

Afterwards, my Wife and I did a little grocery shopping when she finished work, just to top up on a few low cal snacks and fruit.

I also started the pre-op VLCD today which for me has consisted of:
coffee (with benefiber), two shakes with two packets of sunrice minibite cheese ‘chips’, a cup of tea, and a delicious frittata for dinner, plus a mini dessert made with diet jelly with an optifast lemon dessert topper.

Recipe for the dessert will be added later, but it comes in at around 40 calories and is a great sweet treat at the end of the day.

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