Post Op – D19

Day 19 post-op.

Dinner last night: vanilla creamed rice with a dash of custard.

Oh – I just realised I didn’t put up the scale numbers in yesterdays post.
Loss to date: 12.15kg.
Happy with that.

Rain: 27

I’m not-very-slowly losing my freaking mind!!

This rain is just incessant and you can’t leave our house to walk anywhere without putting on mud boots, and even then the mud somehow manages to splash up your legs and leave stains on all your clothing.

We had some really big rain squalls overnight and it hasn’t actually stopped drizzling all damn day.

I’m well over it and today I have my cranky pants on!
I’ve tried reading, but I can’t stick to it.
I’ve tried working on the computer, but I can’t stick to it.
I’ve tried listening to a couple of different podcasts but even the voices of those people were annoying me.

At the moment I have some chirpy music on the stereo and I’m hoping that will get me out of my funk – but I’m not holding out much hope..

My Wife’s been working most of the day.
She came home for lunch but has gone back out to work again, so I don’t even have her to whinge to.

I pulled down the curtains in our bedroom almost 10 days ago now, and I’ve decided that they’re not going go back up again.
They’ve been up there for around five years (yes they have been washed numerous times during that period!) and I just think that I don’t really like them so much any more…
They’re very heavy and dark, and whilst they’ve been great for keeping out the heat and cold, I feel like they close in the room – so I’m thinking of putting a shorter lighter brighter set of curtains there.

This is how bad the insane ramblings of a cabin-fever afflicted woman have become!!!

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