Post Op – D18

Day 18 post-op.

Dinner last night: puréed salmon and mash.

Rain: 2.3

The guy that I have been hoping will do some yardwork and handyman stuff for us came over for a meet and greet this morning with his wife.
It seemed to go well and we are planning on having a test-run next week sometime.
They are going away for the weekend for some grown-up time so that’s pretty nice for them, as they have three small children.

I went into town this morning and went to our local lingerie shop, which is very well known throughout the far north, as being one of the very best sources for hard to fit people, and at the moment I’m considered hard to fit

As well as being somebody who has a very large bust, I am also very short which means that anything that doesn’t have adjustable straps – whilst it might fit perfectly around my back and around my breasts – it would much more easily hang off my ears because the straps are usually too long, and I figure that if I’m paying $60 plus for a bra, I don’t want to be doing sewing alterations to it when I bring it home, so that it will fit me properly!

So I ended up finding something that actually fit me really well and that I’ll be happy to wear in the evenings when I just have my bed clothes on.

I don’t much like going without a bra these days, particularly because my boobs are so heavy, but also because they get so hot underneath and as I’m losing weight, that’s one of the places I’m losing weight from so they’re now more like oranges in a sock so I kind of feel more comfortable with some sort of soft but comfortable harnessing, so this lounging-bra that I ended up getting is something that I think will help with that!

I went to the brunch of my ex-colleagues as planned, and despite being fairly nervous, it went okay.
There wasn’t anything there that I could actually eat, so I just had a hot chocolate.
I was very pleased though, that one particular lady was there when I arrived, and she and I sat together, which turned out to be quite a good thing as we were fairly isolated and excluded from the rest of the conversation, and were able instead to talk together, so that neither of us felt so awkward.

We are planning to hopefully catch up outside of that group, which would be nice as I think that we could have somewhat of a decent friendship, despite our age gap.

I was rather physically uncomfortable during the brunch as the left hand side under my ribs has been quite sore for a couple of days. I’m guessing that it’s probably where the anchor suture is.
It also seems to depend on what I’m wearing.
My tummy tends to prefer something quite firm around it at the moment .

After the brunch, I went to the grocery store and collected our grocery order and then headed off to the post office to collect my parcel that contained the dog treats that I bought the other day that I haven’t been able to buy in town.
I also picked up a parcel that is a special gift from My Wife that she doesn’t know about.

Amongst the mail was a surprise bill that I hadn’t been anticipating for $656 and some change, for blood tests that were performed while I was in hospital.
Not a pleasant surprise!

My sister phoned this afternoon to check in on how I was, and to let me know that she is going to be going overseas at the start of April for a couple of months. She’ll be going back to where she used to live for many years so I’m so pleased for her as I think she will really enjoy it .
She’ll also get to see her eldest son and his wife and children so that will be nice for her.

I had a test run of a couple of small pieces of a pork-crackle snack today, as it was easy to chew up into a purée prior to swallowing.
It tasted like heaven!

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