Countdown – 44

Day 44 pre-op.

Dinner last night:
Jacket potatoes made into garlic smash, with turkey mince chilli and kidney beans.

Christmas Eve and it’s a Saturday so most of the shops in our small rural town close by midday.

Thankfully neither of us have any gift buying to do, so that’s of not so much issue.
We did however go into town this morning to look for shoes, but didn’t find any comfy ones that my Wife liked.

We also went to the various mower shops to see what ride-on mowers they had, as it’s almost time we give in and get a new one.

In a weird turn of events – we currently have one each!
This is because it turned out that after my Wife bought the hulking great husqvarna about 6 years back – which incidentally has been an absolute lemon from day one – turns out no matter what we did with the seat or what type of shoes I wear, I’m totally unable to reach the pedals on the damn thing; so when the opportunity came up and a client was selling their ride-on super-cheap as they were leaving town – and it was small enough for me to be able to reach the pedals – we jumped at the chance.

And that’s why we have two.
But I digress…
As I said – the Husky has been a lemon since day one, however my little Cox has been a veritable work-horse – but every now and then, my little mower needs to go in for a bit of maintenance.
This happened last week…

I knew the time was coming and they were due to come and pick it up mid afternoon, so I zoomed about earlier in the day and got the house-yard mowed, and we had mowed the paddock a few days before.

Fast forward a week: we’ve had a ton of rain, my mower still isn’t home, and we get a call from the mechanic saying its got some unexpected issues, and will need to stay in until the new parts arrive – after the new year!!!

Oh well, the Wife will have to mow using her mower because the house yard is growing really long really quickly, and long grass means not only wet feet on all of us including the animals – but it encourages snakes.
Not ideal!

So this morning she grabs her mower keys, lobs on her favourite Bunnings hat, fills the mower with fuel, hops on the mower, start is up, thrusts in into gear, puts her foot on the accelerator and ….. nothing.

Well, nothing until the black smoke start to come out from under the deck!

It’s ok.
It’s fine.
This has happened before.
It’s just the belt slipping a bit.
If she drives it backward and forward a few times – it will all come good.
She does … it doesn’t.

We’re not going to throw good money after bad on this heap of crap.
We’re finally going to get a new one.
One we can both drive.

Which is how we came to be looking a mowers on Christmas Eve morning!
There is still more research to be done before we decide though.

With that done, we decided we’d have brunch out and went to a local family owned Cafe that also makes cheese and chocolates, as we wanted to get some special cheeses for our Christmas platter which we will have half of tonight, and the rest of sometime in the next couple of days.

Looking forward to the delicious blues we purchased.
And no, we didn’t buy any chocolates!


My darling Wife brought me home some cherries for Christmas.
Feeling spoilt!

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