Countdown – 43

Day 43 pre-op – Christmas Day!

Dinner last night:
Cheese + Charcuterie plates.

We had the same again for lunch today it was soooo damn delicious!

Since the kids left home and we no longer have any family close by, our Christmas Day has been a very quiet affair that is centred around rest, relaxation, and delicious food that we don’t usually have at any other time of the year other than the Easter break.

After we’d had a breakfast of muffins, we did some yard work with the whipper-snipper and push mower, so that there is at least some area of shortened grass in the house-yard where the dogs can go to do their business.

When we came in for a break around 10, for some reason we were both absolutely exhausted – and almost falling asleep at the table – so decided to go back to bed and have a little nap.

Not long after we lay down, a huge storm came through and the rhythmic pelting of the rain on our tin roof, helped us sleep.

We ended up waking again around 12, to see that we’d had around 33mls of rain.

It’s a movie-watching type of afternoon now that the rain has properly settled back in and we’re planning to have some seafood for dinner, and maybe a vegetable pasta.

We’ll see how we feel at the end of the day…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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