Countdown – 42

Day 42 pre-op – Boxing Day.

Dinner last night:
Moreton Bay Bugs in a bacon and veg pasta.

Went into town earlier today to get milk and then to Bunnings for some cable to be able to run our new wifi extender out to the shipping container so that we can have signal when we are down the paddock.

It’s a safety and security implementation.

The pouring rains came back in around lunchtime, so we binged some more of the tv show that we’re trying to get to the end of.

Thankfully – we finally finshed the show.
We enjoyed it, bit it felt like it had been going on for about 4000 episodes!

Yesterday we got an email from the Formulite website, and they are having a 48hr 20% off Boxing Day sale which finishes at midnight, so this evening my Wife went online and purchased all the shakes we will need for four weeks – as that’s how long my pro-op will be.

My Doctor and Dietician recommend that I use the Formulite shakes for my pre-op restricted intake dietary regimen and my Wife has decided that as she wants to lose weight as well, that she will also use the same shakes.

It’s quite the investment, but we would easily have spent that much and more on food over the time we’ll be using the shakes, so both of us are ok with that!

We’re both pretty excited to ‘get this show in the road’ and have this new eating plan up and running, so being that for me pre-op starts in just two weeks (!!), that’s when we’ll kick it off.

January 10, we’re comin’ for ya mate!!

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