Countdown – 37

Day 37 pre-op.
9 days pre vlcd.

Dinner last night:
Ham, Eggs, Baked Beans and Toast.

Most of the external work for the Wi-Fi extender has been done by my Wife, so this morning I did the internal bit of plugging in the hardware (which she will properly attach to the wall later) and setting up the software for it so as to enable connecting it to our network.
The software part I thought was a little bit tricky and I ended up involving our middle son in it just to make sure that I was doing things properly – and it turns out I had!
Yaaay me!

Tomorrow our second youngest son arrives at the airport, so we will be driving down the hill to collect him.
He’s flying in from Brisbane and its been just over three years since we last saw him, so we’re realllllly looking forward to it.

Because we have such a small home he’ll be staying in our bus, which also means that we can’t send the bus back down the hill to get fixed until after he leaves on the 9th.

The 9th is also the day that I have my CT Scan and Barium Swallow done, as well as my appointment with the Dietician.
On top of all that – its the start date for pre-op – so the countdown will truly be on big-time then, with only 28 days to go until surgery!

I’ve been trying to think if there are any food that I want to eat that I won’t be able to eat for the next 3 to 6 months and I’m actually having quite a difficult time with that!
I think one of the main things I’d really like to have is a rum and raisin ice cream in a cone, because I can’t see that being in my future for a very very long time, if ever…

We have some cherries in the fridge that we plan on finishing over the next week, and I think I’d really like one of our home-made pizzas.

Yesterday we sliced up the remaining ham and froze it, and the leftover scraps and bones have been in the pressure cooker all night bubbling away to make stock.


Late addition:
As today is one of our Anniversaries, we went for ice cream and it was thoroughly glorious.  I enjoyed it a lot – but also, I don’t feel like I’ll miss it, and that’s a pretty good feeling…

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