Countdown – 19

Day 19 pre-op
Day 9 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Fish Tacos


Rain: 4.5

Last night I ate too much.

We had fish tacos for dinner.
An absolute favourite inner house, and my Dietician had even been kind enough to recommend some wraps that would be suitable so that we could still have them on occasion.
I also made a point of getting out some plain (non-battered) fish to have on my tacos, so that I wasn’t having the usual amount of calories and carbs.

Once I put that first bite into my mouth I was in heaven!
I’m pretty sure its absolutely the best thing that I have tasted in the last two weeks!

At the end of my first one, I reckon that if I had stopped and waited for 10-15mins, I would have absolutely been sufficiently full.
However – I did not.

The me that still hasn’t fully nailed this ‘eating less’ business, grabbed another wrap and made myself another taco.
Even while I was making my way through it, that little voice in my ear was saying ‘wtf are you doing..?
I stopped about ¾ of the way through – but the damage had already been done.
I was overfull. I was also an idiot!

I am not – however – going to beat myself up about it.
There was nothing greasy, or sugary, or wildly carby.
It was healthy food of fish, fermented foods and salad.

Old me wouldn’t have stopped when I did.
Old me would have put waaaay more cheese on my taco.
Old me would have eaten some of the leftovers after the meal!

So I guess in some ways its a win…

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