Countdown – 18

Day 18 pre-op
Day 10 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Dinner out – I had a small lamb shank on a bit of mash.
I only had a third of the mash and was very satisfied.
It was good to be out of the house for a bit.


Rain: 73

Weigh day for me is tomorrow and a part of me is looking forward to it as I feel like I have changed shape in the last week and that I am tiring less often and less quickly – so maybe that will also be reflected on the scale…

If it isn’t, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to have a stern talking to myself to remind myself that not all victories are seen on the scale – and this week I’ve had quite a few non-scale victories!!

The Private Hospital where I am having my procedure done called this morning and I have my pre-admission appointment on the 30th.
Same day as my next Dietician appointment!
Apparently they’ll do an ECG and go through all the pre-admission requirements plus give me stuff to shower with on the day of the operation, and I think that they will also give me a some of post-op information on that day as well.
The lady who called sounded very nice, encouraging and welcoming.

I sure hope my car is fixed by then!

We had massive amounts of rain again overnight – almost 3 inches (73mm) – but unlike yesterday when I was wallowing in misery, today I woke up actually quite energised despite having not got as much sleep as I feel like I needed.

I am fed up with the grass being so long around our house yard because we can’t mow.
Our poor smallest dog – every time he goes out to go to the bathroom – his chest and stomach are getting soaked as he’s up to his chest in mud from his poor little feet and legs sinking straight down.
The other two aren’t much better.

So today I bought out the big whipper-snipper and started snipping the house yard, bringing it down as close as I can to the ground, so that hopefully during times when it’s not actively raining, it can perhaps dry out a little bit quicker with the exposure to the wind.

Gosh it felt good to be out in the yard, even though I had to wear knee high rubber boots, and I sank in the mud with every step.


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