Countdown – 17

Day 17 pre-op
Day 11 pre-op VLCD.
W: 97.25
Dinner last night: Chicken teriyaki stir-fry


Rain: 2

Not too much rain overnight, but it looks like its coming in.
Currently – on one side of our Farm – I can’t see the mountains which are less than 1km from our home.
On the other side of the Farm, the sun is desperately trying to break through.

Weigh in day, and I am 4.65kg down from my starting weight.
Happy days!

I was meant to go into town today and have brunch wth a few people that I used to work with, but I still don’t have my car back, and my Wife needs to be in a different town at the time I would need a ride so it just isn’t going to happen.
We also don’t have taxis or Ubers who could come out here to get me, because we are out of town.
Well – the taxi may, but last time we tried a cab it cost us $60, and that was a lot of years ago – so its just not worth it…

I’ve had a bit of a hungry day today so thank goodness I still had some of stirfry vegetables left over from dinner last night.
It made brilliant lunch and filled me up nicely.
I’ve also had a couple of cuppa soups to give me the full-belly feels.

Oh, I’ve also just realised that I haven’t had a Shake today, so no wonder I’m wanting to eat allllllll the things!!

I’ve also had a bit of a dull headache for most of the day, which I wouldn’t have thought would be from not having enough fluids, but it might be because I have been peeing quite a decent amount.

Today I also started my BN Multi Vitamins & Minerals, having finished my old brand of multivitamins yesterday.
I’m to take two a day, so I’m planning to take one morning and one in the evening to (in theory) spread out the availability of the medications to get the most benefit.

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