Countdown – 16

Day 16 pre-op
Day 12 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Mushroom Omelette


Rain: 0.5

Not a lot of news today…
Did some sewing this morning as the bias edging on the gazebo for our bus was coming off, so I have been sewing it back on again, and gone around the entire edging to reinforce the whole lot.

My Wife got some mowing of the paddocks done this afternoon with our new mower and the parts she has done are back to looking fabulous.
Hopefully tomorrow we can get some of the house yard done and the majority of the paddock finished.

When we went into town, I managed to get one of the very small crockpots (1.5L) as – while I do most of our cooking in our Instant Pots – it will be good to have a small fit-for-purpose unit that will do extra small meals for the first few months post-op when I am easing slowly back into eating properly again.

After being gifted a bonus by one of her Clients, my Wife also lashed out today and purchased a Nintendo Switch!

We used to have a Wii back in the day, and loved using it for fun and exercize, so we’re hoping that this will be as good or better than the Wii.

We also got the Anaesthetist paid for today, and the first third of the Hospital payments done, and scheduled the rest of them for next week.

Some new things that I have noticed today:

    •  It is easier for me to get into my Wifes Colorado.
      At 155cm, it always has been and always will be quite the stretch, but today I didn’t feel like the proverbial whale landing with a splat on the beach!
    • I haven’t had as much general pain and have been taking almost no pain relief, other than some Panadol for a headache a day or two ago.
    • It’s been easier getting up off (out of) the couch, and out of bed in the mornings.


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