Countdown – 15

Day 15 pre-op
Day 13 pre-op VLCD.

Dinner last night: Fish Wraps


Rain: 0

We went out for breakfast this morning as I feel like my lovely Wife has been a bit worried about how we will go with outings around food – so I decided through the week that we were going out for breakfast today.
She was a happy girl, and had eggs benny – which she loves – and I just had some poached eggs with a bit of bacon.

It was nice.

When we got home, she set up the Nintendo while I did last nights dishes and got a bit of yard work done.

When I came back in, we had a couple of games of bowling and then tried a couple of other games but to be honest I found them boring as batshit and found the Nintendo experience as a whole far inferior to the wii of old.
Very disappointing…

I’m not keen on spending more money for any further games or accessories if its going to continue to be this shit.

When we were just winding down from the games, there was a bellow at our houseyard gate and some friends had turned up unannounced to visit.
I’m not good with unplanned visitors.
Not good at all. ??
It throws me outta whack bigtime.

They ended up staying about 2½ hrs so we not only ended up not having lunch, but missed a big mowing windows.

Thankfully – the weather held off and we managed to get the houseyard mowed, as well as a big part of the paddock, before it was time to come in for the day, but it meant that for my poor Wife, her one bit of down-time for the week didn’t happen at all.

I got to go for a wander down the orchard for the first time in a couple of weeks, and the apples are almost ready to pick, as are the lychees and at least one lemon.
That was a lovely surprise.

Got some weeding done down there as well, and did a stick pick-up around the chook pen so that the mowing could be done in that area too.

Most of the vegies in the big bed have suffered badly with the rains, so I won’t replant for a couple of weeks yet, at least not until the majority of the worst heat has gone.

I’ve given the new baby slow-cooker a run today and cooked a wee little pork roast in it.
It’s a lovely little thing and is doing a great job of the roast.

Week three of pre-op starts tomorrow, which means that it’s only two more weeks til Op day.

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