Countdown – 14

Day 14 pre-op
Day 14 pre-op VLCD.
– – – a meeting of the numbers!

Dinner last night: Pulled Pork & Mash.


Rain: 0

I spent most of the morning doing laundry and in between loads I was doing work out in our bus, trying to get the window covers cut to shape.

It’s kind of tricky because they are all weird and different shapes, and I really need four hands so doing it by myself proved to be a little difficult, but I think I’m managing ok.
I’ll try get some more done tomorrow.

Once I have the insulation covers made, I’ll be making some pretty curtains for the inside that are easy to put up, and to take down when driving.

I’ve found – now that I am starting week three of pre-op – that between my Wife and I, we are choosing to eat the same few main meals in rotation as they are decent on calories, good on texture, healthy and we can eat a decent amount without worry.

Our four main preferences are:
– Frittata – we have chooks so have access to lots of eggs which are a great source of protein.
– StirFry – loads of fresh crisp vegies with some form of protein all swished together with a tasty sauce.
– Tacos/Wraps – a wrap with either fish, chilli beef or chicken and salad.
– Warm Salad – this consists of our basic tossed salad, but has the addition of warm marinated prawns or meat pieces tossed through it as well.


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