Countdown – 0

Day 0
Surgery Day
Day 0 post-op.

Dinner last night: Pasta Carbonara.


Rain: 8

Today is THE DAY!!

Woke, showered, double-checked my hospital bag, then jumped into the car.

First stop: drop off my Wife car to the smash-repaired after someone plowed into the side of her ute a few moths ago.
It’s taken this long to get the replacement parts.

We were half way to the city when we got a call from my Wife’s boss that the Range was closed because of a landslide.
Thankfully, as we got closer to where the incident was, we realized they had the road open for one lane of traffic and were alternating letting lanes up and down go through.
Thank goodness!!!

As we had arrived early, we went to the hotel where my a Wife will be staying, and they kindly allowed us early check-in, so got to relax in the room for 45mins before we headed across to the Hospital.

We had to sit in the waiting room at the hospital for quite a while, but finally someone came and got me, m Wife and I said our goodbyes, and the pre-surgery stuff commenced.

Checking all my details, taking my weight and obs, then into one of those ghastly gowns that open at the back, and some enormous disposable undies.

Sooooo glamorous ??

Then into the pre-op lounge where a third nurse popped on my Ted stockings and the wait began…

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